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Saturday's Sky Packed with Alabama Skydiving Center's Adventure Seekers

Saturday once again found the sky packed with Alabama Skydiving Center's adventure seekers! A Big Congrats goes to Bill Keith for attaining his A license as well as to Eric Nichols and Cornelius Jooste for graduating from AFF. Way to go guys! Oh, and don't forget to ask Corn "Corn out the Door" Jooste about the difference between 2 and 12-thousand feet - I'm sure he'll be glad to tell you all about it!

Ken Knight (pictured right) was certainly missed this weekend. But, knowing age won't keep him grounded, we expect Ken to join us soon. With everyone who came out to the dropzone this weekend, you would have thought it was "Alabama Skydiving Center Family Day!" Thad Rice's parents, his brother, and his nephew all came out. Rachael Hutchen's fiancÚ and future son were here, as was Rob Morris's mega-family of 8! A tracking dive led by Laura Jonikas with Kate Rieker and Marc Seitz went off without a hitch, with two docks by Kate and Marc. Jim Plowman passed his IAF Level 1 and headed back to work.

By all means, be certain to check out the DZ's newly designed video room, especially the great ads on the frig!

Saturday's dinner at Sammies Touch n Go couldn't have been more entertaining! If you weren't there, don't let it happen again! Eric Nichols' 4-year-old son, Ashton, pied his father for AFF graduation. And, no sooner had little Ashton splattered Eric with oozy pie, than our favorite Sammie's employee, Michelle, gave Ashton a big pie-in-the-face! SPLATZ!

Bright and early Sunday, the Alabama Skydiving Center crew was again dancin' thru the sky. We wrung every jump possible out of the day. And Ms. Can't Keep Her On the Ground, Kate Rieker, ended up jumping every load but two this weekend! WooHoo!

We had to say goodbye to Dereck Griffin as he headed to Texas. But it cheered us to welcome newcomer, Amy Copeland, from Cullman, who just happened to run into a few other Cullman jumpers: Art Nelson, Mark Kalupa (pictured right), and Sandy Harris. Surprise!

We trust Mike Sweet is doing well at the Deaf World Record down in Deland, Florida this weekend.

Well, we did it guys and gals! This weekend, Alabama Skydiving Center's stupendous jumpers once again challenged the skies --- and won! Can't wait till next weekend!

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