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Post Hurricane Skydives at Alabama Skydiving Center

After having a great couple of weekends making it through the recent hurricanes and teen roller-skate gangs, this weekend we got down to some nitty-gritty jumpin’ here at Alabama Skydiving Center! We made up for lost time with plenty of tandem skydives and welcomed some new AFF students to skydiving! We want to send a shout out to Tim Raines, a Level 4, and Nick Raines, a Level 3: keep up the good work guys!! We also had a Atlanta Skydiving Center crony grace us with his Level 4 Jump at Alabama Skydiving Center! Come back soon now, John! And just when we thought it couldn’t get anymore exciting with all these visitors...the drop zone’s new doggy shows up to join the DZ Woolfpak! And he is the Shizza! No really, that’s his name…the Shizza!

Although Kyle League wasn’t able to make it in to pack for us this weekend, we found a worthy replacement. You know him, you love him…all the way from Maryland: Tyler!

Thanks Tyler from everyone here at Alabama Skydiving Center.

And there was also three generations of Piggs skydiving this weekend at Alabama Skydiving Center! Well, not exactly. Grandparents Byron and Sharon Pigg came out with their daughter, Trina Vines, and grand-daughter and son-in-law, Krista and Aaron Hamilton. Wow! A family who can make their own 5 way jump! Speaking of multi-jumps, Derek Griffin and Rob Morris finally got to jump for fun, putting together a 6 way with Natasha Mitchell, Jeff Fincher, Belynda Adams, and the one you all know and love…Tyler…from Maryland.

If you needed whip cream at any point this weekend for your…coffee?, well you’d have to get it from Nichole. She got whipped with two cans! And Gary Saunders showed just in time to teach the Shizza when to howl at the moon, when everyone’s in bed…sleeping! Thanks Gary!

And what every sports fan needs: the big comeback! After her recuperation, we were honored with Julie Quigley’s first jump! Welcome back Julie!

Shew! Now that’s what I call a good weekend at the DZ! It was great to see everyone and we hope to see all you guys and everyone reading this, at Alabama Skydiving Center this weekend for the Chick Boogie! That’s right, don’t forget our Chick Boogie on October 2-3 with $12 jumps for the ladies, $120 tandems, and $120 AFF jumps. There will also be free coaching on RW Free-flying and Canopy Skills. And that’s not all folks! Then there’s dinner and beer at Sammies! So everyone come on out for the jumps and festivities!

Blue Skies!


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