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No Pit Stops at Alabama Skydiving Center

Not even this past weekend's Talladega Nascar Race could slow Alabama Skydiving Center down for a pit stop! We flew with virtually no restriction times whatsoever! Saturday was beautiful with just enough wind to keep us on our toes. Getting off to a 1 p.m. start, we still easily flew many full loads packed with eager jumpers just itching to get in the sky!

Great job to Preston Smith and Marc Seitz who showed us how it's done! This dynamic duo came up with a great new dive: a dive and dock exit, backslide, backflip, redock, and repeat 4 times. Awesome job guys!

It was a weekend of new accomplishments for Kate Rieker, as she went on her first hybrid with Ken Knight and Laura Jonikas (pictured right). Kate's first fly around RW jump with Ken and Laura went as well as her first tracking dive with Preston Smith and Laura.

Taylor Gonzalez edged closer to his A license by working on hop n pops. Will Patterson also concentrated on his A license requirements. Kimber James passed her IAF level 1 and will be back next weekend to tackle levels 2 and 3. And a big happy birthday goes to Belynda Adams! As usual, the gang headed up to Sammy's Touch n Go for a nice dinner after a day brimming with adventure.

Sunday at Alabama Skydiving Center proved to be just as wonderful! The day started off with a big bang for Ken Knight (pictured left) -- the first load was his 300th jump! A hybrid was formed with Ken and Thad Rice in the base, Laura Jonikas hanging, Rob Morris stinging the base head down, Dereck Griffin sit flying by it, and Mike Sweet on video. Ask Ken to see the amazing video! Sandra Trull was in for a surprise when she, Nick Raines, and Laura Jonikas went up to perform some RW flyarounds. Sandra slipped off the plane and fell into the sky! And the look on her face as she fell off the plane was absolutely priceless! Jimmy Smith worked on his A license requirements with Coach Dereck Griffin. Awesome job to Cornelius Jooste, who passed AFF levels 5 and 6 on Sunday -- just one to go Cornelius! Bill Keith AKA "Bill 4 Tide," only has one brief to go for his A license, then he'll be jumping with the rest of us! As the Talladega ended and helicopters started whirling through our airspace, we dashed out for Chinese food!

Ask Laura about on-request packing classes Friday night at 8:00 p.m. Each class costs $30 and is an "A" license requirement! Coach course will be held by Mark Kalupa(pictured right) on November 4-6. Requirements: B license, 100 jumps. Be sure to keep checking the forum's DZ announcement section where the WATER TRAINING date will soon be posted. Water training is not held often, so make sure you can come! Thanks go to Kate Rieker for the ashtrays this weekend.

Winter remodeling plans are now in effect. Also, don't forget to check out the plans for the newly designed video room! Finally, as usual, Alabama Skydiving Center wrapped up yet another weekend waving the checkered flag high in the sky!

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