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New AFF Skydiving Instructor at Alabama Skydiving Center

Saturday brought a beautiful day for some serious skydiving! With gorgeous blue skies and unusually warm weather for December, Alabama Skydiving Center was the place to be this weekend.

In case you missed out, Thad Rice, Jeff Fincher, Natasha Mitchell and Laura Jonikas performed 2 very successful tracking skydives. Way to go guys! They were also able to turn some points with a 4 way skydive which included Rob Morris.

Kudos goes out to Dereck Griffin who was able to start performing as an Accelerated Free Fall skydiving instructor. Ken Howe and Kista Hamilton came out to do their level 1 and level 5 AFF skydiving. Keep working hard guys!

While Tray Edwards experienced an extremely hard opening and hurt his leg, Tim Raines had a premature deployment at 10,000 ft! It must have been a pretty cold parachute ride down to the ground! Keep some ice on it Tray! If you think that was a site to see, Laura Jonikas lost a contact on one of her jumps and landed standing up with only one eye open!

The day ended with Dereck Griffin getting pied in the face at Sammie’s Touch n’ Go Restaurant for completing his AFF skydiving instructional rating.

As for Sunday, it rained all day and well…another day to wait out for blue skies.

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