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The long days of skydiving at the Alabama Skydiving Center are back!

The beautiful weather brought about the right mood for nothing but skydiving for the entire weekend! Local skydivers have waited at least two months for the blue skies to appear! With eight loads up in the air on Saturday, some skydivers were able to complete various license requirements.

Experienced skydiver, Dave Bernatovich from sunny San Diego, California completed his "C" license requirement and also set a new Pell city record with an 8 way relative work formation skydive that turned 4 points. Welcome to Alabama Skydiving Center Dave! Along with Dave was Ken Knight (pictured left), Thad Rice, Jeff Fincher, Rachael Hutchens, Rob Morris, Laura Jonikas and Herman Weber. Woohoo!

Another "woohoo" to Trey Edwards for receiving his "A" License and to Jeff Fincher, Rob Morris and Thad Rice who performed a wonderful 3-way sit fly. We can't forget to mention the swell lip job Thad Rice gave to Jeff Fincher on the exit count.some blood but no worries, right? Skydivers Daniel Gunnells and John Kongable completed their Hop and Pop "A" license requirements while Daniel Gunnells was pied at dinner for graduating Accelerated Free Fall (no picture, sorry!)

Gary Saunders and Dave Bernatovich turned well over 10 points on a 2- way relative work jump.

Sunday we said our farewell to Larry Canario, who is going back to his home in Pennsylvania. It was great skydiving with you and we'll miss you! Woohoo to Chris Lewis on getting his very own rig. Now he can enjoy much more skydiving.

Hey skydivers! Get ready for more opportunities to go skydiving. In only a few short weeks, Alabama Skydiving Center will be open on Friday's.

The staff at Alabama Skydiving Center would like to give a farewell to "Bug eyed Jeff", the dropzone fish, that passed on to the next world.who knows, maybe in his next life he will return as a skydiver! On a happier note, here is a picture of our drop zone's new dog, Eve, playing with a friend.

Until next weekend, we will see all you skydivers out at Alabama Skydiving Center!

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