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Skydiving Excitement Leads to Karaoke at Alabama Skydiving Center

What a jam packed Saturday! With 2 full altitude loads and 1 load of hop n pop's the wait was definitely worth it as experienced skydivers,  Laura Jonikas and Jeff Fincher, were able to perform AFF jumps with their brand new canopies...and they had the chance to show off with their way improved landings!  And don't forget the details of their skydive landing.just ask Jeff Fincher and Morris about their far out landing almost in the cow pie area.need we say more? But wait, there's more.and don't tell Farmer John!

This weekend of skydiving proved to be totally hilarious as Laura Jonikas landed her jump all the way by the lake and nearly plowing into a cow with no injuries of course!  Thanks to the ultra cool local who picked her up (Laura not the cow!) and took her back to Alabama Drop Zone where everyone had a complete blast with the karaoke all night long!  Jeff Fincher serenaded the females on the karaoke with "Girls Just Want to Have Fun", by Cyndi Lauper and "Like a Virgin", by Madonna.  He definitely pulled in the laughs among all us skydivers!  Although most of the staff and regular jumpers think Jeff is a better at skydiving...(shhhh)!

If this weekend wasn't already packed with interesting events, a dog crashed through a small opening near the stairs of the room where all of us skydivers were at and landed right in a sink!  The poor thing got up and as if nothing ever happened just ran out of the room!

Potato guns any one?  We had a chance to shoot some more potato guns this weekend...and of course we flew Rob's big canopy kite. With the steady winds out, flying the canopy was pretty cool to watch.  While we were flying the canopy kite, everyone heard a really loud crash.  Come to find out a vehicle had spun out and flipped in the middle of the road! Dereck Griffin's best friend, Jerardan from Texas, came to visit. Thad Rice...a long time friend...came back to visit us this weekend and jumped a few times on Sunday.

A big congrats to Nick Raines as he passed his AFF course and made two solo jumps right away!  How's that for some adrenaline! Laura and Belynda Adams performed a 2 way Rodeo (Belynda climbed on her back and straddled like a horse!) Congrats To Tim Raines!  He is almost done with his AFF course! At the close of Sunday and a long day of jumping, everyone went out for Mexican food.once again another weekend packed with fun and adventure at Alabama Skydiving Center. nothing but beautiful skies and great winds!

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