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Improvements Continue at Alabama Skydiving Center

We continued with the improvements here at Alabama Skydiving Center over the weekend, and enjoyed a night out at our favorite Mexican restaurant Friday night. We got a late start on Saturday because of the clouds, but got plenty of awesome skydives in after they cleared.

Some of our regulars here have developed some terrific freefly skills! Mike Sweet, Jeff Fincher (pictured right), and Laura Jonikas showed off their flight skills this weekend in a 3 way sit fly dive. You can always count on some great skydives with these three!

Team Spandex began their training this weekend with Laura Jonikas and Rachael Hutchens. We are all anxious to see the team's potential realized, as they work towards improving their skydiving skills together.

Everyone here was glad to see Kenny Higgins back this weekend. Welcome back Kenny!

Congratulations to Kista Hamilton for winning a recent radio contest for Elvis fans by providing the winning answer. She also broke her own record for the most jumps in one day this weekend. Art Nelson has almost reached his 500th jump (only 4 jumps to go!). He can definitely expect a pie when he returns in 2 weeks!

We'll miss Belynda Adams while she vacations in Los Angeles, California. We look forward to her return and wish her a safe trip while she is gone.

Congratulations to Mike Sweet, who made his 700th jump this weekend! We were glad to help you celebrate this landmark skydive!

Don't forget, Alabama Skydiving Center is now open on Fridays, so come on out early this weekend and get some extra skydives in over the holiday weekend!

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