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Great Skydiving on a Gorgeous Friday at Alabama Skydiving Center

It was a gorgeous day this Friday at Alabama Skydiving Center! We flew several loads and enjoyed a great day of skydiving here. We had a few clouds on Saturday, but it was another beautiful day for skydiving. The clouds provided a great opportunity to squeeze in a hop and pop load for our experienced skydivers, while we were waiting for the clouds to break at altitude for our tandem skydivers.

Welcome back to Justin Williams! It was great to see you back! Just a reminder to you and Fab, you should AVOID the fence when you come in for your landing, NOT aim for it! Seriously though, we're glad to have you back, and hope to see you again soon.

Thad Rice led an awesome tracking dive with Jaime Day, Laura Jonikas, Rachael Hutchens (pictured right), and Ken Knight.

Rob Morris took John Ashbaugh up on a 2 way and shot video. Rob is always happy to fly video with anyone who is interested in some footage of themselves for learning purposes to improve flight skills, or just for pure vanity!

Jeff Fincher opted for skydiving abstinence this weekend, and has declared that he is saving himself for the boogie. His self restraint is admirable, but we all know that waiting is soooo hard for him. We look forward to lots of cool skydives with him again, as soon as he is able to return to the skies with us.

Terry Walls brought his son up to do an IAF. Thanks for coming out! We hope you will continue with your IAF program, good job!

It is always great to witness the incredible excitement experienced on a first skydive. We all remember how great our first time was, and love to see new skydivers enjoy that same feeling. This weekend Ronnie Brasher came our for a tandem skydive, and loved it so much he signed up for his first AFF skydive the very next day! Welcome to the world of skydiving Ronnie!

We are also glad to welcome Ashley Smith to the Alabama Skydiving Center family. Ashley recently moved to Birmingham and came out to jump with us this weekend. She completed her currency jump, and is now ready to jump with us every weekend!

We look forward to seeing everyone back again this weekend!

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