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Alabama Skydiving Center's "Chick Boogie" a Great Success!

"WOW, a completely awesome weekend to remember at Alabama Skydiving Center!" This is what everyone who attended the "Chick Boogie" last weekend, out at Alabama Skydive Center was saying. We managed a weekend long party full of free flying, tracking, formations, and first time jumpers, all the while welcoming many new friends. Saturday’s skydiving started off with a bang as Katie Hawkins, the organizer of this event, rolled into teaching mode by informing many of us new things.

Laura Jonikas and Ann Marie Whitten completed their hop-n’-pops for their A licenses. Way to go gals! Our AFF students Aaron and Krista Hamilton, Nick Raines and Tim Raines continued to excel and passed to their next level. Butch Hoarsley, a former AFF student from 4 years ago came out and obtained recertification. Keep up the good work guys!

Tyler and Israel, a couple of friends from afar were welcomed back to Alabama Skydive Center, with a combined travel time of over 7 hours one way! It seems they simply couldn't stay away!

Jeff Fincher, packer and coach at Pell City, brought out his hawks for the weekend and showed us some of their flying skills.

AFF student, Byron Pigg, landed in the trees, for the 2nd time in 2
Years, completely unharmed. We were quite relieved to see him climb down out of that tree!

Tasha Mitchell, our rigger and coach, will be taking a break from skydiving for a while. We hope to see you back again in the near future.

As the sun faded into the clouds on an exciting day of skydiving, we set our rigs aside and headed to Sammies Touch & Go for dinner, drinks and a long relaxing night ahead. With a crew of over thirty, dinner was, to say the least, a little loud but worth it.

On Sunday morning there was a planned 6:45 AM all female tracking skydive, fortunately the festivities didn't get off the ground until 8:30am with Katie Hawkins, Laura Odod, Jessica Edington, Shannon McQueary, and Rachael Hutchens getting plenty of rest for another great day. Julie Quigley and Belynda Adams came out to Alabama Skydive Center to spend time with us and had a great time. Trey Edwards, patiently awaiting his new rig, performed a few jumps with our gear. John "Home Sick Brick" Freeman graced us with his presence this weekend and it was a treat since it’s usually hard for him to get away from his military job.

As Talladega Racing fans cheered down the way, we did the same for our new friends from Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Florida! A region of skydivers all joined together for a new tradition, of what we like to call “The Girl Boogie”! As first time tandem jumpers who stayed for the festivities, it was clear that we were all embracing good vibes amongst friends old and new. With tents staked to the ground, a bonfire blazing, and nothing but smiles, we all experienced some kind of a "first" during the weekend... and, by the way, everyone owes beer! As Sunday passed, more great skydives were built as well and comrades made. Whether it is learning a new skill in the air or on the ground, we all walked away with more knowledge than when we arrived.

Blue Skies!

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