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Full Weekend of Skydiving at Alabama Skydiving Center

Congratulations to Art Nelson on reaching his 500th jump on Saturday. To see a picture of his post-jump pieing, visit our Graduation and Special Events page. A 4 way was put together with Laura Jonikas (pictured below right), Rachael Hutchens, and Kyle League. It was followed by a pie!

Dereck Griffin took a nice swim during a landing in the creek next to the runway, wear your bathing suit next time Dereck!

Congrats to Ronnie Brasher, and Kate Reicher, and Jimmy Smith for passing AFF level 1. Welcome to the Alabama Skydiving Center family!

Rachael Hutchens passed her coaching jumps and is now a certified Coach at Alabama Skydiving Center, ask her for help in obtaining your A license!

Rob Morris has been getting some cool looking swoops on his new 75 Velocity. Show us how it's done Rob!

Tim Raines and Laura Jonikas worked on fall rates during a 2 way belly jump on Saturday, and Laura made her 200th jump on Sunday. We put together a 9 way belly jump to celebrate the occasion!

Dana Wilges and Belynda Adams practiced some C.R.W. (canopy relative work) this weekend. C.R.W is always a lot of fun for W.U.F.F.Os and other skydiving spectators to watch, but requires a high degree of skill.

Belynda Adams shared more than some great skydives with us this weekend. Belynda, Laura Jonikas, Rachael Hutchens and Dan Vasenko put together a 4 way formation. The 3 girls shared numerous kiss passes, and Belynda got lipstick all over the other 2 girls!

Welcome back to Cliff Hindman, glad to see you back at Alabama Skydiving Center!

Finally, Team Spandex made an appearance on the sunset load of the day, and did a sit fly jump. We're glad you could make it, and hope you'll make it out earlier next time!

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