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Alabama Skydiving Center Celebrates Extended Skydiving Hours

Alabama Skydiving Center celebrated our newly expanded hours this past weekend! We are pleased to include an extra day in our skydiving weekend, and recently announced that we will now be open on Fridays.

We officially kicked off our new schedule, and would like to thank everyone who came out and helped us launch our Friday skydiving.

Scott Shell visited us from Atlanta Skydiving Center, and made his 100th jump here at Alabama Skydiving Center on Friday. He also joined us for some great skydives including a 7 way jump that also included Todd Myer, Belynda Adams, Rachael Hutchens, Laura Jonikas , Ken Knight, Nick Raines, and Rob Morris (pictured left) as the videographer.

We will miss Nichole Odom (pictured right) who came to jump with us and say goodbye before her move to Florida. We enjoyed some great skydives with Nicole including a first for her this weekend. Dan Vasenko and Laura Jonikas held the base for Nicholewhile she hung underneath, completing her first solid hybrid (hmmm....did we miss a final pie opportunity here?!? Look out when you return!). Nicole has accepted a position with Strong Enterprises in Florida, and will be leaving us to start her new position. Congratulations Nicole! We'll miss you! To see Nichole and Rachael Hutchins wrestling, click here.

Rachael Hutchens has been breaking in her brand new canopy, and flying smooth! Also worth mentioning, Chris Lewis got his A license with only 25 jumps---- IT CAN BE DONE! Way to go! Later that night he received a great big pie for his accomplishment, along with Scott Shell who received one for his 100th jump.

It was good to see some new faces as well as some returning familiar faces. Turner Drake (pictured left) from Atlanta Skydiving Center came to jump with us. Adam and Lee Schmidt also showed up, as well as Marcus Walker. Long time no see guys! glad to see you back!

We are constantly making improvements to the facilities here, and there was more hanger construction here saturday night (see below).

For those of you who have not been out lately, you are in for a surprise!

BOOOGIE UPDATES! $15 registration fee - $16 lift tickets

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