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Canopy swooping and 2-way Formation Skydives Over Alabama Skydiving Center

Weekend skydiving at the Alabama Skydiving Center was a bit crispy but not cold enough to keep Alabama skydivers from jumping on Saturday. Rob Morris experienced a long, cold way down during his tandem skydive at 11,000. This crispy cold jump lasted about 15 minutes! Woohoo!

With six loads of skydivers and a sweet two way formation skydive, performed by Rachael Hutchens and Laura Jonikas who also turned 7 points, it was a great weekend for some serious skydiving.

Alabama Skydiving Center welcomes three brand new accelerated free fall skydiving students this weekend: Aaron Sullivan, Eric Olson and Chris Lewis.

The Alabama Skydiving Center would like to send a special, unique message out to Chuck Staten and Ben Goravek, “Love the matching tattoos!”

The night was the site of a warm, roaring bonfire that set the tone of the evening as we set up a bike ramp for Jeff Fincher to jump over with his dirt bike. Wonder what that would be like during a skydive?

Sunday was a short day with one load of skydivers jumping and two hop n pops performed by Ben Gravek and Chucks Staten...nice Canopy swooping over the ditch!

As winds picked up to 20 knots while we were landing...our weekend of skydiving was near its end…not so much fun!

Come see us next weekend for Nichole Odom and Rachael Hutchens 100th jump! They’ll be getting pied for sure!

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