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Beautiful Blue Skies over Alabama Skydiving Center

The sun finally broke through on Saturday for a jammed packed day of skydiving at the Alabama Skydiving Center. It was great day for Alabama skydivers to be free of gloves!

Although the chilly weather is still very present at the drop zone, experienced skydivers Deva Fleming and Lyle Stewart completed a series of two-way free fly jumps while Laura Jonikas and Rob Morris successfully performed a sit fly jump.

What would the Alabama Skydiving Center news be without a line up of great jumps? Let’s give congratulations to the following skydivers: Preston Smith for completing Accelerated Free Fall levels 4, 5 and 6! Chris Lewis for completing levels 3 and 4 and Kista Hamilton for completing level 5. Whoohoo!

As always it’s great to see familiar faces and devout skydivers Fab Green, Nick Raines, and Herman Weber out jumping with all of us.

Skydiving on Saturday ended with a nice sunset load with local skydivers- Thad Rice, Mike Sweet, Deva Fleming, Lyle Stewart and Laura Jonikas.

Our sister drop zone, the Atlanta Skydiving Center is missing their treasured Mexican Sombrero…and guess who has it? Yes, Alabama skydivers stole it and are holding it for ransom!


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