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Alabama Skydiving Center gives a great big congratulation to experienced Skydivers!

Last weekend, Skydivers Kista Hamilton and Preston Smith for graduated Accelerated Free Fall and, of course, they were pied smack dab in the face! And guess who bought the beer? Chris Lewis will be next as he is only one level away from his Accelerated Free Fall graduation.

Local Alabama Skydivers Laura Jonikas, Chris Harwell and Marc Seitz performed a successful sit jump that included a lost shoe! Yes, during the train exit Laura somehow managed to lose her shoe!! Luckily a resident near the Alabama Skydiving Center discovered the shoe in the woods!

Showing off their skydiving skills, skydivers Jeff Fincher, Chuck Staten, Jaime Day and Chris Harwell performed a successful four-way sit fly jump. Thad Rice and Jamie Day showed off their experienced skydiver skills with a perfect 2-way free fly jump.

Roaring through the blue skies last weekend, gotta love the exit count before a two-way SPANDEX jump by Laura Jonikas and Rachael,” WE, LOVE, SPANDEX!"

This weekend the challenging weather was not enough to keep Alabama Skydivers from skydiving ALL day long. The weather was absolutely beautiful on Sunday! Nothing but great jumps and local skydivers hanging out at the Alabama Skydiving Center on Sunday, March 6th!

Trey Edwards and Fab Green came out to the Alabama Skydiving Center. It’s always good to see you guys! Rob Morris led a sweet tracking dive at the end of the day with Laura Jonikas, Deva Flemming, Nichole Odom, Rachael Hutchens, Art Nelson, and Jeff Fincher. Way to show off some serious skydiving skills, with some free flying performed by Lyle Stewart and Chuck Staten.

Great to hear Daniell Gunnels passed his Accelerated Free Fall level 6 while Aaron Hamilton passed his level 5 Accelerated Free Fall! Preston Smith will be next on the list for his great accomplishment as he is working his way towards completing requirements for his "A" license. And finally congrats to Fab Green for getting his “A” license... Way to go guys! Keep up the good work! Nichole Odom and Rachael Hutchens took Fab on his first jump after he received his “A” license and gave him a nice juicy double kiss pass to congratulate him.

Hey skydivers, be sure to check out the Alabama Skydiving Center and grab your new Alabama Skydiving Center Sweatshirt. They’re in and available!

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