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Alabama Skydive Center Won't be Kept on the Sidelines

Alabama Skydive Center's jumpers skillfully negotiated Friday's winds and squeezed all the excitement possible out of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This proves, once again, that you can't keep Alabama Skydive Center's thrill seekers on the sidelines. "It was our first weekend this whole summer that we got to jump Friday thru Sunday without the weather getting in our way" said staff member, Thad Rice.

A little short handed on staff due to Jeff Fincher (pictured right) getting his tandem rating at our big sister dropzone, Atlanta Skydiving Center, and Rob Morris out of town to picking up his rigging certification, the diligent Alabama Skydiving Center crew managed to keep things running smooth-as-silk. Picking up the slack created by Jeff and Rob's absence, staff members put many exciting skydives together. And Laura Jonikas has all of them on film! So, if you would like to see a close-up of Cliff Hindman from behind -be sure to ask Laura how the video of her doing a cat dock on Cliff turned out!

After jumping all day Friday, the crew headed up to Cracker Barrel for some good ol' country cooking - Alabama-style.

Saturday was a beautiful day! The cow costumes Kate Rieker bought for many DZ members didn't come in the mail, but that only means we will get to celebrate Halloween again, some weekend in the near future!

"Great Job" to Anita Ewerth for passing IAF levels 1 and 2 - glad to add another woman to the group! And a big Congrats to Cornelius Jooste on buying his first rig!

This weekend also found packer Rachael Hutchens (pictured left with Laura Jonikas) missing from the ranks. But Jay Trull, Tim Raines and Mike Sweet reported for packing duty and did a great job. In addition, Tim Raines and Laura Jonikas practiced their coach course skydives, preparing for next week's course to be held by Mark Kalupa.

Everyone at Alabama Skydiving Center hopes Jonathan Strohm will be joining us in the skies again soon. Anita Ewerth passed IAF level 3 and is ready to jump with her own parachute the next time she comes out. Kate Rieker and Preston Smith are nearing 100 skydives, and you can bet we have the pies waiting for them in the refrigerator! Oh, and when Jeff Fincher and Rob Morris return, you can count on us having something special ''whipped'' up just for them!

Ken Knight and Laura Jonikas obtained their C licenses this week. Way to go! Also, Marc Seitz, Tim Raines and Nick Raines received their B licenses - WooHoo!

Be sure to join us for Alabama Skydiving Center's first WATER TRAINING COURSE! Rob Morris is holding the course at the Anniston YMCA on Friday, November 11th, from 7 to 9 p.m. Jumpsuits are required and please wash your jumpsuit before coming out. The very reasonable $20 fee will cover classroom and pool time, as well as dinner. This is a B License requirement, but don't hesitate to join us if you are still working on your A license. Please email questions to Laura at or post on the forum's Water Training thread.

By the way, remember to bring gloves out to the dropzone - it's that time of year again!

And we also want to remind all newly certified skydivers to get their USPA memberships!

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