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The Jumpers at the Prattville Skydiving Center have been Quite Busy!

Congrats to our new coaches Belynda Adams and Cliff Hindman!

We also have new students going through our Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) program who have been working very hard. To Steven Booth, Kamran Rab, Craig Sanders and Phillip Snell: keep up the hard work!

Last weekend, we held a memorial jump for our fellow skydiver Jon Darnell. His family joined us to watch from the ground for our sunset load. The skydiving community would like to congratulate Jon on receiving his A license on his jump, and his card has been sent in to the United States Parachute Association. His pie picture from his AFF graduation has been added to our picture section, so check it out!

Congrats also to Clark Word on receiving his A license on Saturday and going on his first 5-way Relative Work (RW) formation on Sunday. Sounds like Clark owes a lot of beer! (After a skydiver does anything for the 'first' time, a case of beer is owed to the drop zone).

This week, on August 15th, at the Bass PRO grand opening in Prattville, demonstration jumpers Laura and Rob Morris, Todd Sellers and Jeff Fincher made an appearance! While Lynard Skynard played "Sweet Home Alabama" and a NASCAR driver rode around in his car, jumpers deployed their parachutes above the crowd. Smoke canisters were set off and the crowd enjoyed a beautiful scene. Jumpers all landed safely and had a lot of fun. Thank you to the ground crew and to our pilot Sandy Carruth!

Many of our jumpers are still making their way out to the new location in Prattville and making their first jump with us here. Thanks to Phil Johnston for the chairs you have donated to the drop zone, and don't think we forgot that case of beer you owe for your first jump with us!

Thanks to all of our jumpers for helping with the shuttling and maintenance of the new drop zone. We could not do it alone, and the help is greatly appreciated!


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