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Our 3rd annual boogie was a huge success with a great turnout. Many of our jumpers took the week off from work just to spend time and jump at Pell City one last time. We encountered some bad weather throughout the boogie, but still managed to have a great time! One highlight jump was a 12 way hybrid: 8 in the base and 4 hangers. Each night, jumpers gathered around to talk about the good time they had at Alabama Skydiving Center. Congrats to our jumpers who made their milestone skydives with us:

  1. Bill Keith: 400
  2. Chris Martin: 500
  3. Ken Knight: 600
Thanks to our airplane hangar neighbor, John, we had 17 jumpers make skydives out of his 1943 Stearman biplane. Jumpers were taken on a 20 minute ride and dumped out over the drop zone while the plane was inverted. Every single jumper landed with the biggest grin on their face!

Michelle, the restaurant owner from Sammie's Touch-n-Go, came to make her first tandem jump with us that she had been promising to do for the last 5 years. When our crew went to eat that night, we filled the entire back of the restaurant! We played Michelle's skydiving video for everyone and gave her a round of applause. Next, Laura's "GOODBYE PELL CITY" was played and jumpers enjoyed watching old and new videos alike of footage taken over the last 5 years. Many old memories were brought back and jumpers watched their skydiving skills grow over the years. Ken Knight and Mike Carroll were pied, as well as Michelle! The entire floor surrounding the bar was completely covered with PIE! Rob, Laura and Michelle all enjoyed a round of shots ordered for the group and Preston Smith gave a wonderful toast that brought tears to many eyes. A group photo was taken and will be added to the Boogie video.

Back at the drop zone, a large bonfire was built and Steve provided fireworks for the party. Brandon Betts was definitely the highlight of the show and gave us great entertainment for the night. A very naked Brandon even demonstrated his bonfire jumping skills and managed to even slide on the wet grass into the barbed wire fence, much to the amusement of the whole crowd! Jumpers stayed up into the wee hours of the morning reminiscing about old times at Alabama Skydiving Center while staying optimistic about the future.

Sunday was a sad day. Jumpers made their last load at sunset, building a 14 way formation over the drop zone. Spectators could even see it from the ground! Many said they had tears in their eyes when their parachutes opened up and they flew over the Logan Martin Lake for one last time. Many jumpers 'accidentally' landed in the forbidden taxi way and golf course for a good laugh.

While jumpers were sad to leave Pell City, we are looking towards Prattville with positive attitudes. Rob and Laura would like to send out a special thank you to all of the jumpers who have made skydives with us over the past years. We look forward to jumping with you in Prattville!

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