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Jumpers watched the weather all day at the Alabama Skydive Center without getting a chance to make any skydives. Coach Ken Knight taught an Accelerated Free Fall class to our new AFF students this weekend! Phillip, Aaron and Kelley all learned a lot in their 6 hour training class.

Demolition began a little early at the Pell City center this weekend. Frustrated with the weather conditions for the day, jumpers took their frustration out on all of the appliances in the hanger. The upstairs bunk room is not fairing to well after tandem instructor Don Martin drop kicked the wall. Highlights from the night will be added to the "GOODBYE PELL CITY" movie that videographer Laura Morris is making for the boogie.


We woke up to rain Sunday morning, but many experienced jumpers and Accelerated Free Fall students alike showed up with optimistic dreams for the day. The sun broke through the clouds and we ended up jumping all day long! Our AFF students all got their jumps in, as well as Chris Perkins who did Levels 1-3! Many of our tandem students from Saturday got their jumps in and landed with big smiles.

COME OUT AND CELEBRATE! Pell City is moving its operations.

This weekend will be our boogie, starting Wednesday July 18-Sunday July 22.

Laura Morris will be selling the GOODBYE PELL CITY video, with footage from the last 5 years. The video is $2, please email her at if you would like to order one.


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