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Plenty of Good Jumping Despite Weather

The Alabama Skydiving Center encountered somewhat unpleasant weather this weekend but still managed to make plenty of jumps! Congrats to Todd Sellers on his new rig and Janet Pilkington on getting her A License.

Alabama Skydiving Center will be going to Atlanta Skydiving Center for their "Have A Good Jump" Boogie on July 7th-8th. Jumps will be $15. Everyone is welcome to stay at Rob and Laura's house!

Demolition Boogie!

Don't forget: DEMOLITION BOOGIE on July 18th-22nd at Alabama Skydiving Center!

Come say farewell to Alabama Skydiving Center and blow some of it up while you're at it!

Boogie Fee: Sledge hammer (or another tool of destruction)
Competitions: Hit-n-Chugs, 3-Way Scramble
Saturday Night: Cook Out
Sunday Night: Finale hosted by Jeff Fincher

*Alabama Skydiving Center is moving to PRATTVILLE, ALABAMA!!! Our opening weekend will be July 28th. New directions will be posted soon as well as more details about the new location.
Highlights of the new location:

  • AIR CONDITIONED building (those spider webs will no longer be everywhere!)
  • POTENTIAL FOR 2 LANDING AREAS: D licensed/staff landing and new jumper landing area
  • LOCATED in a decent sized town!
  • SELF-SERVE FUEL TANKS (no more waiting on those fuel trucks!)

Blue Skies!


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