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Alabama Skydiving Center Enjoys June Skydiving


Many jumpers came out this weekend to jump from our King Air. A 12 minute ride to altitude was enjoyed by all of our jumpers! Our fridge was also filled with beer, due to the age old tradition of skydivers owing a case of beer when they do anything for the first time (such as riding in a new airplane!). Ken Knight worked hard on his tandem rating this weekend, taking Corn Jooste, Bill Keith, Kristi Taylor and Chris Martin on tandems. Brad Pilkington won the award for making the most skydives last weekend and he flly enjoyed his $16 lift tickets this weekend! Congrats to Matt Konowicz on making his 100 jump! Also, Jon Diehl made his IAF Level 4 jump and Jon Darnell made his Accelerated Free Fall Level 1 jump! Rob and Laura's family came down to visit and enjoyed watching everyone jump this weekend and even joined us for dinner! Matt Konowicz also enjoyed a CHEESECAKE to the face for a congrats on his 100th jump.


Sunday morning started off with an amazing hybrid, built with 4 in the base and 4 hangers, with 2 stingers. Nick Raines has the video, check it out! Todd Sellers was determined to make the most jumps this weekend! Todd finished with 18 jumps for the weekend, out of 24 loads flown. I think it's time to buy another parachute Todd so that you can jump more! Ken Knight enjoyed taking a tandem customer on a jump as well on Sunday! Brad and Janet Pilkington also got to make their FIRST skydive together with coach Ken Knight, and then later on with Laura. Congrats to Brad on purchasing your first parachute!

Everyone come out and enjoy a weekend away from Rob and Laura Morris, as they travel to Aruba and will be gone for the week.

Also, a big thanks to Mrs. Fincher, that was the best cake in the whole wide world! Jeff said he would love to take any food you have to send to us ANY weekend.

Friday, June 29th the dropzone will be open! We can try to do another HOT LOAD day!

Blue Skies!


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