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Spring Fling Boogie at Alabama Skydive Center!

Our coaches in training all showed up early to start the boogie on Friday so that they could assist Rob Morris in teaching an Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) class. Students Justin Van Dam and Brad Pilkington enjoyed a great class taught by 4 instructors! Congrats to Bill Keith on getting your coaches rating all signed off. Although many hopeful jumpers came to the Spring Fling on Friday with high hopes of earning and using their $16 lift tickets, only 4 loads were flown. Enthusiastic jumpers were able to put together great skydives!

An Early Start on Saturday

Jumpers started early on Saturday, with the first load going up right at 9:00 AM. Congrats to Brad Pilkington and Ali for successfully completing AFF 3 and 4 and AFF Level 1, respectively! Congrats also to Todd Sellers on making his 200th skydive. 14 loads were flown on Saturday and over 130 skydives were made.

Ken Reeves held a cookout later that day and a bonfire was built with wood provided by Jamie and Preston Smith. Skydivers shared stories around the campfire till the early morning hours, and jumpers hoped for good weather again on Sunday.

Jumpers awoke to another glorious day! Aaryn came out in the morning to learn to pack with packer Amy Gravlee. Todd Sellers, Radcliff Davis and Ryan McCorkle set their goal of jumping on every load that flew for the day. They came very close! Congrats to Radcliff Davis on his 100th jump (I see a pie in your near future!). Justin Van Dam made it out today to complete his AFF Level 1 jump, and congrats as well to Clint Davis and Allen Jackson on beginning their IAF skydive training. Colin Reilly also made it out to work on his AFF Level 3 skydive. Good job, everybody!

I think every skydiver that jumped this weekend would like to give big thanks to Corn Jooste and Amy Gravlee for keeping the packing floor rocking and rolling all weekend; we all know packing is hard work! Thanks guys!

Thirty-two first-time jumpers enjoyed their tandem skydives this weekend, and many of them requested information on AFF so they could learn to skydive with us here at the Alabama Skydive Center! Our AFF students all landed with smiles on their faces and are ready for more.

We have a winner for the most fun jumps made this weekend: Todd Sellers! Todd made 28 fun jumps out of the 32 loads flown this weekend. Way to go, Todd!

Next weekend is 2-for-1 gear rental weekend. Come jump on Saturday and your gear is free Sunday!

We will be open this Monday for Memorial Day as well. Blue Skies!

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