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Jumpers at Alabama Skydiving Center Reach Goals with Determination and Teamwork

Although Saturday started off a little cloudy, everyone's patience eventually paid off and our plane arrived from the Atlanta Skydive Center as soon as our pilot could take off from the airport. Eager skydivers filled the plane and squeezed in as many skydives as possible out of the day!

Joseph Wood practiced his A-license hop-n-pops, and successfully completed his 3,500 ft jump. Amy Gravlee and Ken Reeves raced to get in the last few skydives before they reached their milestone jump 100. With the sun setting, jumpers landed their parachutes by Sammie's Touch-N-Go restaurant to wow the spectators. And wow they did! The crowd cheered as numerous skydivers swooped the landing area. Dinner that night ended with a pie in Jamie Baker's face to congratulate him on his Accelerated Free Fall graduation. Good job, Jamie!

Sunday's morning weather also started off slightly cloudy and skydivers discussed skydiving safety topics such as canopy flight separation and freeflying skills until the sky cleared. Skydivers went up to celebrate Amy Gravlee and Ken Reeves 100th jump! Joseph Wood also jumped his own pack job, thus completing his A-license requirements. Coach Chris Martin taught an Accelerated Free Fall class in the morning to student Brad Blackmon, who successfully completed his Level 1 skydive later in the day. Skydivers at the Alabama Skydive Center worked on building bigger skydives today. Many 12 and 13 way jumps were built and jumpers all enjoyed the sunset with a 9 way hybrid. What a day of accomplishments!

The SPRING FLING Boogie is coming up on May 18-20th. (open on Friday!)

We will be open Memorial Day weekend May 26-28th. (open on Monday!)

Also, please take note: the dates for the Summer Boogie have been changed. July 18-22 are the new dates!

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