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Jumpers woke up early to a warm day and beautiful blue skies! Jumpers got the first load up in the air at Alabama Skydiving Center around 9:30, thanks to our wonderful pilot Ed! Jamie Baker did an awesome job on Accelerated Free Fall levels 4, 5 and 6, while Colin Reilly rocked it out on AFF level 3! We had the pleasure of taking 15 first-time tandem jumpers today as well.

Jumpers put together several successful skydives today, building large hybrids and going on big way tracking dives. All experienced jumpers doing a hop n pop from 6,000 ft enjoyed a lovely sunset. Nick Raines and Rob Morris did some CRW as spectators watched from the ground.

As always, jumpers enjoyed the traditional dinner at Sammie's Touch N Go restaurant, and a bonfire back at the hangar made Saturday an awesome day!

Sunday was even better! Jumpers made 153 skydives today. Many more milestones were reached at Alabama Skydiving Center:

  1. Doug Comstock celebrated jump 100 with a large tracking dive.
  2. Bean Freeman celebrated jump 100 with a belly jump.
  3. Jamie Baker graduated AFF!
  4. Joseph Wood got his dive and dock checked off on his A license card.
  5. Bill Keith celebrated jump 300 with a belly jump!

  6. Great job everyone!

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