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Skydivers Enjoyed Cool Weather Saturday

The Alabama Skydiving Center experienced skydivers enjoyed unseasonably cool weather on Saturday. First time tandem jumpers anticipated their skydive, relaxed, and had a bite to eat at Sammie's Touch n Go. Staff members got busy on the hanger work, and we now have 2 new picnic tables outside of the dropzone. Thanks to Ken Reeves, our new video viewing area is now complete! Skyidving videos are still being asked for as donations to the dropzone to help our collection grow so that we can show videos all day long!

Congratulations tp Joseph Wood on all of his new skydiving gear! He looks very stylish with his brand new G-4 black and red mirage and his new RW suit! His black and red gatorz to match will be in next weekend too :) He even got all of his ground A License check off's done while watching the wind blow on Saturday.

Saturday night was a busy night at Sammie's Touch n Go restuarant, we filled up 2 big tables! Back at the dropzone, jumpers watched a movie and planned all the skydives they were going to make Sunday.

Sunday morning jumpers woke up to beautiful blue skies, but cold temperatures! Jumpers bundled up to take tandem students on their Easter skydives! Congratulations to Brenna on successfully completing IAF Level 1 skydiv. A very sucessfull 2 point 8 way was done with Amy Gravlee, Jeff Fincher, Radcliff Davis, Todd Sellers, Laura Morris, Rob Morris, Mike Sweet and Thad Rice. Make sure you mark that off on your C license cards everybody! A sunset hybrid jump Ken Reeves, Amy Gravlee and Radcliff Davis are racing to get their 100th jump, all jumpers have about 75 skydives and are trying to get 100 first!

The dates of the Spring Fling boogie have been changed, due to that weekend being Talledega Race weekend. Don't miss out on the fun!


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