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First-time tandem skydivers at the Alabama Skydive Center really enjoyed their jumps this weekend! The weather was so nice they did not even have to wear sweatshirts! The beautiful weather was good to everyone, including our Accelerated Free Fall students, Jamie Baker and Sam Shouse. Great job on your jumps, guys! Joseph Wood and Chris Martin worked on coach jumps this weekend and had a great time! Preston Smith was ready to jump every load this weekend, striving to make his 200th jump. We were glad to welcome Jeff Fincher back! Jeff Fincher made the most jumps for the whole weekend, stopping at sunset on Sunday with 19 skydives!

The drop zone goal on Saturday was to fly 125 skydiving slots for the day, and we were so close! The day ended at 124 skydives made for the day, and experienced jumpers set new goals for the next weekend.

Dinner at Sammie's Touch-n-Go was celebrated with Todd Sellers getting pied forhis 100th skydive. Although he accomplished this many weeks ago, he has beensuspiciously MIA at dinner time! Back at the hanger after dinner, a bonfire was set up next to Preston and Jamie's tent and everyone enjoyed talking about their skydiving experiences.

Sunday morning was even nicer than Saturday! Sam Shouse came back for Accelerated Free Fall and did awesome! A huge welcome back to Katherine Whitwell, who returned and completed her recertification skydive. Way to go, girl!

Cheryl Lowry and Brian Pinkston also completed their Accelerated Free Fall jumps Sunday morning.

Preston Smith met his goal of 200 skydives and celebrated with a big kiss from his new wife!

The day ended with a sunset tracking dive led by Laura Morris and a freefly tube jump with Thad Rice.

Keep posted on our SPRING FLING Boogie which will be April 27th-29th. Lift tickets will be $16 all weekend long for those who jump on Friday. Freefly coaching will be available with Chuck Owen and Kenny Pugh, and there will be free beer Saturday night!

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