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Another sunny, fun-filled weekend at Alabama Skydiving Center!

Jumpers at the Alabama Skydiving Center made several loads early Saturday morning. Skydivers enjoyed the beautiful weather for the early part of the day.  Parachute packer Amy Gravlee is on the fast track towards her 100th skydive, with only 29 more to go! She excitedly told skydiving buddy Laura Morris, "I can't wait till I hit 100 so that I can become a coach. I think it is encouraging for inexperienced female skydivers to jump with a female coach. Plus, my jeans will get me all the coach jumps I can handle!" Dinner was held at Sammie's Touch N Go, and smores provided by Ed Picken complemented that night’s bonfire at the drop zone.

 Sunday was an absolute gorgeous day for skydivers, tandem students and Accelerated Free Fall students. Over 100 skydives were made at the Alabama Skydiving Center as jumpers enjoyed the warm sun. Todd Sellers, Radcliff Davis, Ryan McCorkle and Taylor Gonzales all made several jumps together. With an extra hour of daylight, we have the pleasure of Coach Bill Keith joining us on Sunday's now! Congratulations to Corey Murphy on successfully completing Accelerated Free Fall Level 1. Also, Daniel Gunnels completed his A license proficiency card this weekend, way to go! We look forward to jumping with you.

Alabama Skydiving Center will be hosting a Spring Fling on April 27-29th for three days of blissful skydiving! Amy Gravlee will be hosting the "Hot Jeans" skydives, and anyone can participate as long as they wear Wrangler's on the jump. Lift tickets will be $16 all weekend to those that jump on Friday. Coaching will be provided by Kenny Pugh and Chuck Owen from our big sister drop zone, Atlanta Skydiving Center, and jumps will be $50 (freefly, RW and canopy). Prepayment is recommended to guarantee a slot, but a sign-up sheet will be at the drop zone. There will be free beer Saturday night!

Keep posted on the forums for information about discounted lift tickets for experienced skydivers, holiday tandem specials for family members, and 2-for-1 gear rental weekends.

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