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It’s warming up at Alabama Skydiving Center!


Starting at 8:30 AM on Saturday, March 10th, jumpers got ready to enjoy the warmest weekend since the New Year. Hopeful tandem students arrived early as they were anxious to jump! What an exciting weekend! Dalton Huey completed Accelerated Free Fall Levels 2, 3 and 4. Joseph Wood worked on his A license with coach Laura Morris. Ken Knight started working getting his tandem rating with instructor Rob Morris. Ken rode on the front of his first tandem and also rode on the back of his first tandem this weekend!

Thanks to Belynda Adams who came up to give a lecture for Safety Day, though with the beautiful weather our Safety Day lectures were held around the bonfire after sunset! Todd Sellers, Radcliff Davis and Brandon Betts all made several jumps on Saturday, working on their free fly skills. A smoke jump was made by 12 of our jumpers, and pictures with Nick Raines new camera lens will be up at the drop zone soon! Daniel Gunnels completed his hop ‘n’ pops for his A license.

Thanks to Ken Reeves, we all enjoyed a cookout Saturday night and a bonfire donated by Ken Knight. Safety Day topics included PLF's, avoiding obstacles, spotting, and aircraft emergency procedures. Ed Pickens, our pilot for the weekend, gave us a great perspective on center of gravity in the airplanes as well as green light/red light controls.

Sunday was another glorious day! Jumpers enjoyed the good weather, making almost 100 jumps each day. Amy Gravlee and Corn Jooste packed and packed and packed! Dalton Huey completed Accelerated Free Fall levels 5, 6 and 7 and made his first solo! Congrats to Bill Keith on his new Roll Tide rig, and also to Wes Guinn on his new jumpsuit. The sun set an hour later and jumpers enjoyed this time in the sky!

Check the forums for information on free fly coaching/canopy piloting from Chuck Owen and Kenny Pugh.

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