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Eager to get started Saturday Morning!


Skydivers took the plane up early Saturday morning, eager to get the day started. The winds were a bit different than predicted, and Jeff Fincher landed in fun jumper Mike Sweet's backyard! Several loads were flown throughout the day, and jumpers watched movies during wind holds while anticipating the next load.

Thanks to Kristi Taylor for donating noodles for our swoop course! If you are new to the sport and don’t know what all the swoop talk is about, just ask Laura or Rob.  Although swooping is only performed by experienced skydivers, it is a lot of fun to watch and we have some talented swoopers at Alabama Skydiving Center!

Dinner that night was quite a spectacle! Joseph Wood got pied for his Accelerated Free Fall graduation. Way to go! Later that night, Jeff Fincher's new container was packed up. Everyone ooohed and ahhhhhed over how beautiful it looked!

Sunday was a busy day. Jumpers worked on the noodle course most of the day. Amy Gravlee also got some practice flying a set 400 (a tandem parachute) attached to the back of a truck. What a way to kill some time on a windy day! Thanks to everyone for their dropzone donations lately. Our stack of skydiving videos is building for our TV stations at the DZ!

Don’t forget, daylight's savings is coming up in just a couple weeks!

Also, please remember, Alabama Skydiving Center will be closed for the boogie at our big sister dropzone, Atlanta Skydiving Center in Cedartown, GA March 31- April 1st.

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