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Jumpers Prepare for Cold Weather



Dedicated fun jumpers put on layer after layer of warm clothing this weekend to brave the cold weather. It must not have been to cold to have fun though, we flew full loads throughout the day! Todd Sellers has made it back to the dropzone and is fully recovered. He has made such a good recovery that he made his 100th skydive this weekend! Congrats!

Ken Knight and Bill Keith taught the Accelerated Freefall class in the morning to students Brian Pinkston and Tim Green. Brian Pinkston completed his Level 1 Accelerated Freefall jump and Tim Green came out to visit us and did his Accelerated Freefall Level 3. Nick Raines and Laura Morris worked on some free fly skills, and long time MIA jumper Doug Comstock came out to visit his old friends at the Alabama Skydive Center. Dinner was enjoyed at Sammie's Touch n Go by all, and some midnight horseback riding ensued at Pell City neighbor Mike Thompson's place!

Pell City will be celebrating Valentine's Day with its jumpers. We will be offering $125 Sweetheart Tandems. Contact Laura Morris at to set up a reservation.

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