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Braving the Cold Pays Off!

Saturday was a slow, but highly entertaining day. Getting off to a late start, due to 35 degree ground temperatures up until the early afternoon, skydivers bundled up to prepare for the cold. Perhaps overly dressed, jumper Laura Morris had on 6 layers on top and 4 on the bottom. "Yes, maybe I put on too many layers, but I'll tell you what, I sure wasn't cold on any of the skydives I went on today!" It is possible, if dressed properly, to bare the cold and jump all day! Packer extraordinary, Amy Gravlee had one more dive and dock to do for her A license proficiciency card. The first load, Amy and coach Laura Morris successfully completed this skydive, and there is video to prove it! Congrats to Josh Sealey, who came out and completed his Accellerated Free Fall level 6 and 7 jumps. Welcome to the Pell City Skydiving Crew Josh! 

The last load of the day, our favorite pilot Shawn brought us all an early Christmas present.......A LARGE YELLOW RAFT! After blowing it up, this raft looked far to large to launch out of the side of the Caravan, but skydivers are not easily thwarted in their plans. After careful dirt diving, and lots of preparation, the raft was ready to fly. The riders in the raft were chosen and Chris Martin and Laura Morris got in. The raft was launched out of the plane and video was shot by Bill Keith, partly because he was the only one still holding on! The raft was falling at an average speed of 97 mph. Other jumpers on the skydive, Mike Thompson, Stan Shepard, Thad Rice, Jeff Fincher and Corn Jooste could do nothing but watch from below!  Ask Bill to see this wonderful video next time you are out! 

Sunday was also a great day! 8 loads were flown, and with sunset at 4:30 PM, this is a great day for us! Another three large hybrids were attempted, and two smaller three way’s. Congratulations to Wes Guinn and Ken Reeves on receiving their A licenses! Amy Gravlee successfully completed her two hop n pops, and is just one coach jump away from her A license. Congrats to Aaron Hamilton on getting recertified! Also to Scott Lee on successfully completing IAF level 1. A sunset hop n pop load was flown and everyone enjoyed the beautiful sunset. 

Saturday night was passed by the whole crew traveling to local Western Sizzling. A poker game was held back at the hanger and Jeff Fincher took first place, while Laura Morris finished in 2nd.

Sunday was surprisingly slightly warmer than Saturday. The day started off with a large hybrid attempt with Bean Freeman, Amy Gravlee and Mike Thompson in the base, Stan Shepard, Corn Jooste, Chris Martin, Laura Morris, Thad Rice, Rob Morris, Mike Sweet and Jeff Fincher trying to build on it. The next load, a smaller hybrid was built with Bean Freeman and Mike Thompson in the base with Laura Morris hanging underneath it and Rob Morris stinging it. Pictures will be added to the general picture section of the website to see this one! Amy Gravlee went on her FIRST tracking dive with Laura Morris on the next load, while Thad Rice and Rob Morris worked on some of their free flying skills. Later on, Thad Rice, Corn Jooste and Herman Weber worked a bit more on their sit flying skills. A hybrid was even built with a three way base and three hangers! The sky on the sunset load was one of the most beautiful sunsets we have ever seen, anyone who was under a parachute on that load took a minute to look around, and really appreciate being a skydiver!

Come on out to the dropzone prepared to work on 3 and 4 way base exits out of the Caravan. Also, the ASC Christmas party is next weekend and we will all be traveling their Saturday night either by plane or car, we will be leaving at 4:45 so come on out and travel with us! Bring a dish (salad, main entree, desert) as well please!

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