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Friday Night at the Anniston YMCA!

Friday night at the Anniston YMCA, 9 jumpers successfully completed their water training. Good job to Phil Johnston, Brandon Betts, Michael Thompson, Kristi Taylor, Amy Gravlee, Wes Guinn, Shane, Doug Comstock and Ken Reeves. These skydivers will now be eligible for their B licenses, once they complete the 50 skydives and accuracy requirements. 

Jumpers at the Alabama Skydive Center bundled up this weekend and jumped all day Saturday. When dressed properly, skydiving this time of year can be quite enjoyable! There is always free coaching, free video taping and more experienced people to jump with. Many took advantage of that opportunity this weekend. Amy Gravlee successfully completed one of her coach skydives for her A license card. Stephen Scott came out to do his Accelerated Free Fall level 7 skydive and he graduated! The hard work really pays off, right Stephen? Now, he owes the dropzone a case of beer, and trust us, we won’t forget!!! Despite it being the Alabama vs. Auburn game, Radcliff Davis still made it out to the dropzone. 

Later that evening, dinner at Sammie’s Touch n Go was enjoyed by everyone. We came back to the hanger and had a poker tournament with Rob and Laura Morris taking 1st and 2nd place. Stop by Saturday evening this time of year and you will be sure to find yourself a game going on! 

Though bright and sunny, Sunday had winds over 25 knots! Jumpers sat around woefully and wished they were skydiving. Dark skies rolled in early around 3 PM and we called it quits. This weekend, we are celebrating the family and friends of skydivers by offering $119 tandems. Email Laura at if you have someone who wants to come share in your excitement this weekend!

Also, this weekend is HYBRID WEEKEND!

Requirement: 50 skydives

Come be in the base, or learn how to hang! Hybrids will be going on all weekend. For the more experienced jumpers, we will be attempting 6 way hybrids.

FRIED TURKEY is for dinner Saturday night, courtesy of our resident Dropzone Chef: Ken Reeves.

Sign up is on the forums, if you come and can bring a dish it would be much appreciated! Please go on the forums and sign up for dinner, and tell us if you will be bringing a dish or not.

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