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Fun Saturday at Pell City!

Saturday at the Alabama Skydive Center was rather dreary. Clouds and rain thwarted the skydivers plans for jumping for the day. However, skydivers always find a way to have fun! A 6 person poker tournament was held, with Thad Rice placing 1st and Laura Morris placing 2nd.  Afterwards, the crew went to the Talladega Bowling Alley and Ken Knight bowled a whopping 184! He is not only good at skydiving, but is a bowling aficionado as well. Dinner was made back at the hanger by Ken Reeves and his son Kyle. Fried wild turkey for the main course and French fries on the side. All gathered around Rob Morris as we watched the intricate process of packing reserve parachutes. Everyone went to bed early with hopes of waking up to clear blue skies.  

Sunday proved to be a much nicer day! Around noon, the high winds died down and we all began jumping. A three way free fly jump with Rob Morris, Jeff Fincher and Laura Morris was achieved with all three jumpers docked on each other! Wes Guinn went on three coaching jumps with Chris Martin and is almost ready to get his A license, awesome job! Amy Gravlee went on a two way Relative Work jump with Belynda Adams and the two turned many points. Congrats to Laura Hinton on her new rig! Laura Morris and Nick Raines went on a two way sit fly jump and video can be seen of Nick’s amazing skills! Congrats as well to Corn Jooste and Ashley Smith on their new containers, they look sharp guys!  

Don’t miss this Friday’s ANNUAL WATER TRAINING Pell City does this ONCE a YEAR *Even if you are an AFF student, this is a great opportunity for you! *This is a B license requirement *Get more in depth training about landing in the water (we jump at a DZ surrounded by it! This is good information to have)  

Friday November 17th
Anniston YMCA
6-9 PM
Dinner to follow at the hanger.

Please email Laura at if you will be attending.

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