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Weekend Accelerated Freefall!


Due to high winds, the Alabama Skydive Center was not jumping in the morning. Later in the day, Amy Gravlee completed level 5 of her Accelerated Freefall Progression. Josh Sealey came out for his Level 4 Accelerated Freefall and took the class in the morning with Coach Ken Knight. He waited all day to make his first jump using his own parachute, and finally got to on the sunset load. Great job guys. Jeff Fincher and Laura Morris got to work on some of their freeflying skills for the first time in a while. Matt Dutton completed level 4 of his Instructor Assisted Freefall as well.


We have a new graduate! Amy Gravlee graduated her AFF jumps on Sunday and made 2 more solo jumps after that. Ashley Smith and Laura Morris worked on their sit flying skills, Laura wore her video camera and Ashley got to really see what her body position looked like. Phil Johnston and Ken Reeves, some of our newer graduates, have really been jumping hard! Both jumpers made several skydives this weekend. Ken Knight celebrated his 500th skydive with a large RW jump. Mrs. Corn came out and made her FIRST skydive today, and she said, "That was AWESOME!" Brandon Betts did a few coach jumps with Rob Morris to work on his freeflying.

Winter is the best time of the year to come out and skydive. The experienced jumpers finally have some time to skydive with everyone since they aren't being put to work all the time. Rob Morris is available for coaching often during the winter. Don't let your skills slack off during the winter, come out and enjoy free coaching, longer debriefs and more VIDEO of yourself! Campfires after sunset are a great way to end the evening during the winter, as well as enjoying our new GAS grill!

Remeber though, dress appropriately. Here are some tips:

*Dress in layers: Try underarmor, long johns, long sleeve shirt, fleece, sweater (you can always take off layers if the weather does not require all of them)

*Wear gloves: Try winter weight baseball glvoes with grip, golf glvoes with grip, north face wind stopper gloves (you want something tight, with a good grip so that you have dexterity with your handles)

*Wool Socks

*Long john legs under your jumpsuit

*A beanie hat to wear under your helmet to help retain heat.

If you dress properly, skydiving in the winter time can be a blast!
Check out the website for updates on water training, cookouts and RW training days.

See you all out next weekend!
Blue Skies

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