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Skydivers Enjoy a Beautiful Saturday!


Saturday was a beautiful day at the Alabama Skydive Center. With Thad Rice down and Jeff Fincher out of town, our tandem instructors, Rob Morris and Ron Green worked very hard! Ken Reeves and Colin Reily both came out to complete their level 4 Accelerated Free Fall jumps. Great job guys. Cliff Hindman came out to celebrate his 100th jump with us. Way to go! Old friend, Radcliff Davis stopped by and made 3 jumps with us, getting much closer to his A license.

Sunset came too early for us at Pell City, our days are getting shorter! That only means we must start jumping earlier! Check the forums in the DZ Announcement section up for updates about EARLY BIRD SPECIALS. There will also be an updated packing sheet sign up, water training updates, freefly
coaching, and 4 way days. Check the forums over the next few weeks to keep up with all the new and exciting things going on at the Alabama Skydive Center.

Sunday got off to a slow start with a very low ceiling in the morning. Once the clouds broke, Amy Gravlee completed Instructor Assisted Freefall levels 4 and 5, and she did awesome! Radcliff Davis completed a text book perfect hop n pop from 3,500 ft to mark off on his A license card. Michael Thompson also got his 100th jump this weekend!

Nick Raines held the fun jumper record for making 7 out of 9 loads on Sunday, he's working hard to get his jump numbers up so he can get his tandem rating. Ken Knight was close behind him, and he is less than 15 jumps away from his 500th jump (I smell whipped cream.....) A sunset tracking dive was led by Laura Jonikas, with Thad Rice, Corn Jooste, Mike Thompson and Taylor Gonzales. Dana Wilges worked on many experienced jumpers doing C.R.W. with Ken Knight, Belynda Adams, Cliff Hindman and Nick Raines. Happy birthday to Belynda Adams, who came to jump with us on her birthday!

Laura's pie list is growing every weekend, and we may just have to set up another firing squad. Stick around for dinner at Sammies Touch n Go, and good times back at the hanger after sunset!

Start pulling out the longjohns, and don't forget your gloves!

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