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The Caravan is here!

Jumpers waited all day Saturday for a chance to jump out of the newest arrival to Pell City, the CARAVAN! Excited jumpers boarded the plane with anticipation, excited to jump out of a different airplane. An age old tradition in skydiving is that you "owe" a case of beer for the first time you do something in skydiving. So, for all of you who have never jumped out of a Caravan before, PAY YOUR DUES! We will hold you accountable!

Sunday was a wonderful day and the whole dropzone would like to send out a big congratulations to Phil Johnston for completing his AFF level 5 skydive.

Congrats to our newest AFF graduate, Laura Hinton!!

Come join Pell City for Labor Day weekend, and stay for Monday, Sept 4th, we will be open and jumping till sunset!

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