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Saturday a Great Day for Skydiving At Alabama Skydiving Center

A packing class was held Friday night with Amy Gravlee taught by Laura Jonikas. Amy started work for the Alabama Skydive Center Saturday and packed over 20 rigs for us this weekend, sore hands and all. Amy will be with us every weekend now until she goes back to school later in August.

Saturday was a great day for the Alabama Skydive Center, with Phil Johnston working on his AFF certification. Todd Sellars and Doug Comstock are competing for the most jumps made their first year of skydiving and the two are neck and neck! Only being certified for a few months, the guys have over seventy skydives! Congrats to Radcliff Davis on making 6 jumps over the weekend, the most he has made in one weekend so far! Good job Radcliff, you are proving your non-cat like tendencies to us. Marc Seitz dropped in, while waiting for fiancÚ Holli to get ready for a friends wedding and made one quick jump before having to leave for the day.

With Sammie's Tough n Go closed for the weekend, jumpers enjoyed pizza and beer for dinner! Sunday had a few weather delays, keeping jumpers from making as many loads as they wanted, but all was good with jumpers watching Radix, a movie produced by Keen n Able and talking about skydives they would otherwise be making.

Just 2 more weeks before the happy DZ couple Laura and Rob get married and take their 3 week vacation. The dropzone will not be closed though! Come jump and keep everything running smoothly.

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