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Alabama Skydiving Center Jumpers Flying High!

Last weekend was another terrific jump-a-thon at Alabama Skydiving Center!

Welcome back to Kate Rieker! Our German friend came down to skydive with us just for our boogie and will be here all week! We have had a lot of freeflying and tracking dives lately. All day, Saturday, Chris Martin and Todd Sellers worked on improving their tracking skills, while Jeff Fincher and Laura Jonikas practiced 2 way sit flying. And Thad Rice flew on his head! Hard work really does pay off!

Congrats to Phil Johnston for passing IAF level 2! Many eager tandem students enjoyed their first skydive so much that they decided to jump a second time! Thad Rice put together an 8 way. And a big way-to-go goes to Mike Sweet on making his 1000th skydive! Nathan Bullard graduated AFF! And Kate Rieker, Laura Jonikas and Thad Rice put together a very successful 3 way sit fly jump.

Sunday was a great day for milestone jumping! Congrats to Tim Raines on his 200th and to Corn Jooste on his "Captain Corns 100th extravaganza jump!" The day ended with Thad Rice leading a tracking dive with Mike Sweet, Kate Rieker, Chris Martin, Laura Jonikas, Corn Jooste and Rob Morris.

Great job to Corn Jooste, who has become our leading packer on the floor. Laura Jonikas got her camera helmet set up and is ready to go!

Be sure to come join us for the boogie! It starts Wednesday, June 21, and runs through Sunday, the 25th. Wednesday through Friday, King Air lift tickets will be $14. Laura Jonikas Thad Rice, Rob Morris, and Jeff Fincher will shoot videos. And competitions will be held daily for accuracy, 4 ways, 2 ways and hit n chugs! All levels of experience are welcome. Free stuff will be given away EVERY DAY! And an $8 fee will cover dinner. So, see you there!

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