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Alabama Skydiving Center Fills Memorial Day Weekend with Skydiving Fun

What a wonderful way to start the summer off! With 3 days full of beautiful weather, skydivers at the Pell City dropzone didn't even know what to do with themselves. Instructor Jeff Fincher said, "This was the first time in 2 months that we have had a whole weekend of jumpable weather, I made 26 skydives, the only person who jumped more than me was instructor Rob Morris, who made all 28 airplane loads." Saturday was a great day for AFF students, with Katherine Whitwell, Radcliff Davis and Kristi Taylor all working on different levels of their progression. Congrats to Ashley O'Hara who graduated AFF!

Sunday started off great with Kristi Taylor graduating AFF. Also, congrats to Brandon Betts on getting his new rig! Jumpers worked hard all day long to make as many skydives as possible, especially Ken Knight and Chris Martin who were working towards special jump numbers. Everyone enjoyed pizza after sunset and told stories around the picnic table till early in the morning.

Monday was the best day of all! Thanks to all of the experienced jumpers who came out to skydive with us on Memorial Day. In the history of Pell City, this was the busiest day of fun jumpers ever! Many great skydives were planned. For Chris Martin, his 100th jump was a 7 way tracking dive, with Laura Jonikas, Chris Martin, Jeff Fincher, Mike Sweet, Nick Raines, Ken Knight and Chuck Staten. For Ken's 400th skydive, a 12 way belly jump was put together with All of the above, plus Rob Morris, Thad Rice, Mike Thompson, Bill Keith and Corn Jooste. Great job guys! Also a big congrats to Katherine Whitwell and Radcliff Davis for graduating AFF!!! Team training went on for team "Room Temperature Condiments" in the morning, and some succesful jumps went down. On a final note, Eric Nichols and Lisa Martin got recertified on Monday. Way to Go!

Don Martin has been working hard on becoming one of Pell City's newest tandem masters, getting his Strong certification with tandem trainer Rob Morris. Don only has a few more to go!

Remember, the boogie is coming up! Start saving up those sick days and your gas money, because we'll be jumping from 8 AM to sunset everyday!!!! Check the forums for updates about the boogie.

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