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Alabama School for the Deaf Visits Alabama Skydiving Center

Alabama Skydiving Center had some special guests last week. The Alabama School for the Deaf came out to watch their teacher make his first skydive.

Alabama's ABC news station filmed instructor Rob Morris suiting the teacher up. Our resident deaf skydiver, Mike Sweet, was an inspiration to the children as he answered their questions about skydiving. He also filmed their teacher's video!

The excited children also got to watch Atlanta Skydiving Center's swoopers practice for their upcoming competition. Thanks to all the experienced Pell City jumpers who came out to show their support!

Our newly graduated AFF students, Todd Sellars and Doug Comstock got to make their first solo jumps. Todd Sellars and Laura Jonikas did a 2 way RW skydive and turned 15 points! That's a great start for Todd!

Thanks Bean, for stopping by to say hello - we'll see you at the boogie!

Chinese food was a great way to end the day as the Alabama Skydive Center jumpers headed over to the Great Wall.

Saturday proved to be just as eventful! Skydivers jumped all day. Jeff Fincher and Laura Jonikas began their team training and worked on 2 way sit fly jumps all weekend long. Congratulations to Laura Jonikas on getting her brand new canopy!

Thad Rice and Mike Sweet also worked on some freeflying this weekend, and Thad also worked on his AFF training. Keep up the hard work!

Also, Congratulations to Jeff Fincher on his 700th skydive!

Sunday was awesome, also! With ideas from Chris Martin and his tube, we organized a 2 way belly jump with a tube in the middle, one person hanging, and 1 freeflyer stining the side. Great job to Jeff Fincher, Mike Sweet, Chris Martin, Thad Rice, Laura Jonikas, Rob Morris and Ken Knight! The video looks great, and the 2nd attempt later in the day with Preston Smith and Chuck Staten was even better! Ask videographers to see the video next time you're at the dropzone!

It was wonderful having Sandy Carruth flying with us this weekend - always nice to have another girl in the airplane to keep Laura Jonikas, Ashley Smith and Katherine Whitwell company.

Doug Domstock, going on his first tracking dive this weekend, accompanied by Laura Jonikas and Ken Knight, finally understands just how fun tracking can be!

Good job to Katherine Whitwell and Nathan Bullard, our AFF students who jumped this weekend. Also to Mike Comstock, who passed IAF levels 1 and 2.

With 3 beautiful days, many skydivers jumped over 14 times this weekend. What a great way to ring in the summer season!

The Alabama Skydiving Center will be open on Memorial Day (Monday, May 29), so come on out and join us! Rumors of a cookout have been on the forums, so check the DZ announcement section for updates. Also, the dropzone will be opening back up on Fridays for the summer, so start planning all those sick days! Check the DZ announcement section for updates about when this starts.

Until the next exciting jump.!

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