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Alabama Skydiving Center Jumpers Get Their Thrills in the Wild Blue Yonder!

At Alabama Skydiving Center this Saturday, experienced skydivers came out to join in Kate Rieker's festive going away party. Herman Weber and Kate Rieker jumped an astounding 11 out of 12 loads this weekend, and those were all hot loads! To celebrate her first skydive, one excited tandem student had all of the staff members sign her skydiving t-shirt. Skydivers jumped till sunset, with the jumpers squeezing one more jump out of the day with a sunset hop n pop jump from 6,000 ft.

Dinner at Sammies Touch n Go was fun as always! The Trull family met us for dinner, where everyone gathered to wish Kate Rieker goodbye. A skydiver cake was presented to our friend as we wished her good luck on her way back home to Germany. We gave a gear bag and a blanket to Kate to remind her of her redneck family in Alabama!

While everyone waited outside the restaurant to walk back to the hanger, Nick Raines was told that Kate Rieker would be getting pied in the face. While watching for Kate, our favorite restaurant owner, Michelle, snuck up behind him and PIED NICK for his LONG LONG LONG overdue 100th skydive pie! WE NEVER FORGET - you will be pied! Back at the hanger, Kate's friend, Gary Saunders, gave her a special dance she will never forget!

Sunday, at Alabama Skydiving Center, was a wonderful day for AFF. Great job to Radcliff Davis and Ashley O'Hara, who both for passed AFF level 3. Congratulations to Kate Rieker on her 200th skydive. Kate made 200 jumps before her first year of skydiving was complete - and that is a tremendous accomplishment! To celebrate, an 8 way Relative Work skydive was put together by jumpers Thad Rice and Ken Knight, with Corn Jooste, Taylor Gonzalez, Jeff Fincher, Thad Rice, Ken Knight, Kate Rieker, Mike Sweet and Laura Jonikas. Great job everybody!

Don't forget that Alabama Skydive Center open on Friday, May 12th at 11:00. Come join us as the Alabama School for Deaf Children come out to our dropzone to watch their teacher make his first skydive!

It was an incredible weekend at Alabama Skydiving Center - but, then again, isn't every weekend!

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