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Alabama Skydiving Center Skydivers Spent Easter Weekend Hopping Through the Sky

Alabama Skydiving Center's adventurous skydivers had a fantastic Easter weekend, filling the skies with excitement. And the beautiful, blue, spring skies lured many jumpers who had taken the winter off back to the dropzone.

Marc Seitz got a chance to pull away from his busy Vet training schedule long enough to make a few jumps and to check on the dropzone's three kittens.

Bill Keith made his 100th skydive this weekend! Congratulations, Bill!

Todd Sellers became our newest AFF graduate.

Under Coach Ken Knight's tutelage, Doug Comstock completed AFF levels 4 and 5.

Radcliff Davis completed IAF levels 1 and 2 and will be back next weekend to work on the rest.

Mike Sweet, decked out in his birdman suit, put a fun skydive together. Chris Martin rode his back, doing a rodeo, with Laura Jonikas, Rob Morris and Brandon Betts tracking! What a sight to see!

Corn Jooste exhibited his mad packing skills, packing a record-breaking number for others this weekend. Way to go Corn!

A hybrid was put together by Laura Jonikas with Herman Weber in the base and Kate Rieker and Laura hanging underneath. In the background of the hybrid pictures, our pilot, Ed Pickens, can be seen diving the airplane.

Katherine Whitwell hung out and started learning some of the ropes of manifest.

Dinner at Sammies Touch n Go is always great, and Saturday night proved to be no exception. Bill Keith got pied for his 100th skydive!

Doug Comstock sat in on a packing class Saturday evening and learned how to pack lightning quick! Great job Doug!

At Alabama Skydiving Center, Easter Sunday was spent jumping out of airplanes instead of Easter Egg hunting.

Jeff Fincher tried to bring Easter to the dropzone, sharing many wonderful stories about bunny rabbits.

Our long time friends, Dana Wilges and Adam and Lee Schmitt, showed up Sunday and joined us in the sky. Dana put together a wonderful 8 way belly jump that turned 2 points.

Chris Martin and Tim Raines got their C license requirement for turning a 2 point 8 way. Participing were Mike Sweet, Laura Jonikas, Dana Wilges, Rob Morris, Herman Weber, Chris Martin, Tim Raines, and Jeff Fincher.

It was great to see Merideth Mettee back at the dropzone! She did a tandem and now wants to get back to being a certified skydiver! We missed you Merideth!

Chris Lewis also dropped in to say hello and make a couple of jumps.

On the sunset load, Doug Comstock completed his AFF level 6, and Laura Jonikas led a tracking dive with Brandon Betts, Corn Jooste, Ashley Smith, Kate Rieker, Mike Sweet and Jeff Fincer. Daniel Gunnels also made a recertification jump and is now ready to skydive again!

There was great fun for everyone!

Don't forget to come by the dropzone this weekend to say farewell to Miss Kate Rieker before she makes her way back home to Germany. We'll miss you Kate! But, we're glad to know that Kate will be back for the boogie in June and the wedding in July.

Easter at Alabama Skydiving Center was beautiful, the skies were beautiful, and the jumps were beautiful - you know, it just doesn't get more beautiful than that!

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