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Alabama Skydiving Center Up in the Air Again Last Weekend!

Alabama Skydiving Center's enthusiastic jumpers challenged the Alabama Skies again last weekend!

It was great having Katherine Whitwell drop by and eat dinner with us. Everyone enjoyed Chinese food and a Will Smith movie.

On Sunday, Alabama Skydiving Center jumpers were off the ground before 9 a.m.

Sarah Wood graduated Accelerated Free Fall - great job, Sarah, you'll be on the pie wall shortly!

Congrats go to Todd Sellers for passing AFF levels 5 and 6, and to Doug Comstock for passing IAF levels 1, 2, and 3.

Skydivers loaded up the King Air all day long, enjoying the beautiful weather.

Kate Rieker made an astounding 12 skydives this weekend, jumping on every single load! Miss Rieker is attempting to hit her 200th skydive before moving back to her home in Germany. Good luck, Kate, only 27 more to go!

Bill Kieth is attempting to hit #100 before his birthday, and he thinks that, in the next 2 weekends, he will hit his mark!

Join the Alabama Skydive Center on Friday, May 12th, when the Alabama School for Deaf Children takes a field trip to our dropzone to watch their teacher do a tandem skydive. The dropzone will be opening around 11:00 AM , but check the dropzone news for updates.

See you all next weekend! - and Blue Skies!

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