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Alabama Skydiving Center Keeps Alabama Skies Busy

Alabama Skydiving Center's adventurous jumpers were zipping through the Alabama skies again this weekend.

Arriving at the dropzone, staff members were met by a large motorcycle and a tent. Not quite sure who was in the tent, we did not want to disturb their sleep. A few hours later, the newest member of our dropzone, Sarah Wood, crawled out!

At the dropzone to begin her Accelerated Free Fall progression, Sarah wasn't messing around; she was there for the WHOLE weekend!

Saturday, loads and loads of adventure-seekers jumped. A big way belly jump was put together by Thad Rice with Laura Jonikas, Kate Rieker, Preston Smith, Bill Kieth, Tim Raines, Nick Raines, Rachael Hutchens, and Ken Knight with outside video flown by Rob Morris, Michael Sweet and Jeff Fincher.

Congrats to: Sarah Wood for completing AFF levels 1 and 2: and Katherine Whitwell for completing IAF levels 1 and 2!

Saturday night proved to be very interesting when Ashley Smith's dog, Lola, discovered 3 abandoned baby kittens asleep in a blanket upstairs in the bunk room. Apparently, a mama cat had snuck into the hanger while the dropzone was closed and had some babies! Rob Morris and Laura Jonikas are currently nursing the babies back to health, and Ashley Smith will be adopting the runt of the litter from them soon.

And, after the Saturday night festivities wound down, Jamie Davenport and Sarah Wood attended a packing class Saturday night with Laura Jonikas - practice, practice, practice!

On Sunday, Alabama Skydiving Center filled the skies again!

Congrats to Sarah Wood on completing AFF level 3: Daniel Odom for completing AFF levels 3 and 4: and Nathan Bullard for completing AFF levels 2 and 3!

Ashley Smith and Laura Jonikas worked on some 2 way tracking, while Kate Rieker practiced her freeflying skills in her BRAND NEW JUMPSUIT! Congrats Kate on your new jumpsuit and rig - you look sharp!

A sunset tracking dive was put together by Laura Jonikas with Ken Knight, Kate Rieker and Cliff Hindman.

In addition, Gary Saunders, Brandon Betts, Corn Jooste, Jeff Fincher, and Ashley Smith made a coach jump. And Thad Rice and Rob Morris honed their AFF instructor skills.

What a fun weekend everyone!

Those who need to refresh on packing or start from the beginning, please contact Laura Jonikas at about setting up a time to start the packing class. Information is on the forums, but the class generally runs about 3-5 hours and is $35 dollars.

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