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Alabama Skydiving Center Skydivers Fill the Alabama Skies!

Alabama Skydiving Center skydivers at Pell City made the most of the beautiful day last Saturday, jumping from the King Air.

Rob Morris experimented with his new Canon Rebel digital camera, taking pictures of everyone and everything in sight!

Congrats to Todd Sellars on excelling to IAF level 5. He passed IAF level 4 with flying colors and even had a picture-perfect stand-up landing! That puts him one step closer to joining us in the sky!

It was good to have Jello jumping with us while refreshing her packing skills. And we are excited that she will be joining our staff team this summer.

Taylor Gonzales had fun skydiving with some people with whom he had not jumped.

Bill Keith, Kate Rieker, Taylor Gonzales, and Nick Raines put a speedstar together!

And Taylor Gonzales and Laura Jonikas turned 17 points on their 2-way Relative Work skydive!

Mike Carroll made a few skydives as well. With work having kept him away for a while, we were glad he made it out again!

We all want to say GOOD JOB to Kate Rieker for packing her rig all but once this weekend - we're proud of you, Kate!

Also, a big welcome back to Chuck Staten, who visited us on his birthday. We celebrated Chuck's birthday with a beautiful 10 way sunset tracking dive. The leader was Thad Rice, followed by Laura Jonikas, Rachael Hutchens, Chuck Staten, Nick Raines, Kate Rieker, Tim Raines, Mike Carroll, Mike Sweet, and Rob Morris. Rob Morris, Chuck Staten and Mike Sweet took videos, so contact them if you would like to see the exciting jump.

Alabama Skydiving Center will be closed March 25 & -26. We will be heading over to our big sister dropzone in Cedartown, GA, where we will join in their Good Vibes Boogie! See for more details on the Boogie.

As usual, it was a stellar weekend at Alabama Skydiving Center!

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