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Alabama Skydiving Center Wrings Excitement from the Southern Sky!

Alabama Skydiving Center's zestful skydivers arrived at the Pell City drop zone early last weekend, filling the Saturday morning skies.

Later, instructors, Ken Knight and Rob Morris, kicked off Safety Day. And, in the wings, Thad Rice and Laura Jonikas added significant input.

Alabama Skydiving Center's jumpers enjoyed the terrific lessons, which included instruction concerning BSR's, landing patterns, gear maintenance, and much more.

After having been away from skydiving for a while - due to work (yuk!) - it was nice having Mike Carroll back.

Skydivers wrung all the hop n pops they could from Saturday's skies. And, before sunset, Alabama Skydiving Center's diligent jumpers enjoyed full altitude jumps.

Following the day's jumps, Belynda and Laura hosted Rob and Laura's wedding shower at their beautiful home in Birmingham, AL. The drop zone gang, arriving at Rob and Laura's after sunset, enjoyed a home cooked meal and delicious desert as well as an entertaining game about the loving couple.

And it was especially nice to see Kista Hamilton, Rachael Hutchens and Daniel Gunnells at the party!

With beautiful clouds accenting the southern skies, Sunday was a gorgeous day.

Rob Morris found time to take a break long enough to make some jumps with his buddies.

Even Thad Rice and Jeff Fincher made a fun jump!

And Ashley Smith and Laura Jonikas turned 15 points on a belly skydive - way to go!

Not to be outdone, Rob Morris, Ken Knight, and Mike Sweet put together a great 3 way belly jump. Thumbs UP!

On the day's finale load, Alabama Skydiving Center's adept jumpers put together a 10 way. The formation included: Ashley Smith, Laura Jonikas, Kate Rieker, Sandy Carruth, Jeff Fincher, Thad Rice, Mike Sweet, Rob Morris, Ken Knight, and Chris Martin. Great job, y'all!

After the weekend's fantastic jumps, as the sun sank below Sunday's color-splattered horizon, the spirits of Alabama Skydiving Center's skydivers were, as always, still flying high. And the exciting thought in the forefront of everyone's mind?

Next weekend promises to be yet another incredible jump-fest at Alabama Skydiving Center!

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