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Alabama Skydiving Center Kicks Excitement Up a Notch

Alabama Skydiving Center's dynamic skydivers made the most of last weekend's terrific weather, zipping through the skies both Saturday and Sunday.

Rachael Hutchens (pictured right) made a guest appearance, coming out to teach our AFF class and to make her 300th skydive. Thanks Rachael!

The nice weather really kicked Bill Keith into high gear; he jumped on every single King Air load! And a few strangers showed up: Ronnie Brasher, Will Patterson, and Preston Smith. It's good to have you back, guys!

Congratulations go out to Sam Evers for receiving his A License. And Jim Plowman successfully completed his Accelerated Free Fall level 5 - way to go!

Later, at Sammies Touch n Go, the local airport restaurant, Kate Rieker got a long over due 100th skydive pie. Incredibly surprised, she started flinging whipped cream everywhere, including the other tables where "regular" customers were eating!

And, after a fantastic Saturday, Sunday at Alabama Skydive Center proved just as eventful!

Laura Jonikas (pictured left) made her 400th skydive, and, to celebrate, the ladies of the Alabama Skydiving Center performed a 4-way speedstar! The 4-way included Ashley Smith, Kate Rieker,

Belynda Adams and Laura Jonikas - ALL LADIES, ALL THE TIME!

Chris Martin was thrilled to complete his 50th skydive as well he should have been!

A thumbs up to Jim Plowman who passed Accelerated Free Fall levels 6 and 7 under the fine eye of instructor Joe Hallacy. Jim can expect a nice pie-in-the-face real soon!

And Todd Sellars completed his 1-3 in the Instructor Aided Freefall program. Nice!

It was great filling the Alabama Skydiving Center Skies with excitement last weekend! Everyone had loads of fun!

And, remember, next weekend is a national SAFETY DAY, so it will be a great time to brush up on some skills.

Also, after Safety Day, Belynda and Laura will be hosting a wedding shower for Rob and Laura. Directions are at the dropzone, and we'll be going to the shower after we finish jumping. If you plan on going, please post on the forums or send Laura Jonikas a notification so we can get a head count.

See you next weekend, when the vivacious skydivers at Alabama Skydiving Center will once again spread excitement across the Alabama skies!

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