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Another great weekend of skydiving at Alabama Skydiving Center!

A few clouds, but no rain, this was another great weekend at Alabama Skydiving Center in Pell City Alabama! It was an eventful weekend, lots of excitement, and a lost shoe in freefall.

First of all we are glad to welcome back Belynda Adams, we missed you! After an extended absence, she is now back in the sky. Belynda is a member of the Harley Davidson Chapter of Alabama for women. They are having a ride August 15th, and they will be coming to this drop zone for some fun in skydiving. Bring your bike and come join us!

Waiting on the plane bright and early, Jamie Day just had to get that one jump in before getting back on the road to Memphis. Carrying his rig after the jump, he walked off the field straight to his truck in full skydiving attire to leave. Now that is how you get a jump in!

A 5-way, and numerous 4-ways were performed this weekend by Laura Jonikas, Rob Morris, Thad Rice, Jeff Fincher, Hermann Webber, and Belynda Adams. Way to go guys! Besides demonstrating a great hop-n-pop, Mike Sweet also captured some free flying on video, resulting in some beautiful footage!

We'd also like to offer our congratulations to our newest certified skydivers. Emily Harbison and Meredith Hughes graduated AFF this weekend! Instructor Charles Woodland, A.K.A. Woody, graduated them after having fruit loops for breakfast. The traditional pie in the face at Sammies was a must! We also don't want to forget Laura Jonikas who graduated AFF a few weeks ago. You disco girls rock! Look out for the Charlie's Angels pose these girls gave for the cameras out by the bonfire! Completing ground school, Tray Edwards is prepared for AFF level 1. Matt Fincher is ready to make his AFF level 4 jump, and John Ashbaugh is looking forward to AFF level 3. Johnny Corkerin worked on finishing his IAF jumps successfully, with one shoe. Nothing is going to stop this guy!

Some of Derek Griffin's favorite tandem students for the weekend included Daniel, Ariel, and Gayle Fincher. Not only is Derek's helmet groovy, but his tandem skydives are far out! We are hoping to see Daniel come back for AFF!

Enjoying our new porter, we were in the hands of Shawn the pilot with some smooth riding and flying! Driving up on a VTX 1800 motorcycle, one of our previous pilots Chuck Smith came to visit for the day. It was great getting to see you! Please come back soon, with your rig!

One of our skydivers and consistent packers, Kyle League, also makes and sells the closing pin necklaces. He makes them out of chain mail and threads ribbon colors of your choice through the links. They make great gifts for the true skydiver!

Last but not least we will not forget our newest member, or mascot, of the drop zone.. The Notter! When you come to skydive with us just take the notter to Emily Harbison and ask her to show you the "notter dance!"

Come join us skydiving at the Pell City Drop Zone! Bring your dog, chill out at the picnic table, and watch some amazing canopy landings! See you there!
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